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Jonathan Davenport

IG: @Davenpoe
Narrative/Graphic Designer

Let's talk origin stories.


Mine's a simple one. There's no radioactive spider, no cosmic storm or genetic mutations. Just a nerdy kid from Florida who read too many comic books, watched too many movies and stayed up far too late drawing pictures.


It would be many years before I'd be able to articulate what it was that drew me to those things. But when I did, everything snapped into place. It was a passion for STORYTELLING.


I had no way of knowing at the time, but that passion would eventually lead me to work with everyone from professional wrestlers, to Imagineers, to A.I. robots, all in the service of telling their stories.


I'd love to tell you what comes next, but the truth is, I never know.

But that's okay. This is, after all, just the origin.

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